Service Schedule

The recommended service intervals apply under normal driving conditions and do not take into consideration all of the optional equipment available. Dusty areas require more frequent checking and possibly replacement of the air filter cartridge. Tire, clutch and brake wear as well as the condition of the oil in the engine in particular depend greatly on the driving habits and are adversely influenced by extreme operating conditions; this might necessitate shorter intervals for checking and replacement and applies logically also for the item "check battery acid level".

Maintenance service should be carried out at least once a year and precautionary measures against corrosion should be taken before winter. The brake fluid and the coolant should be renewed at least every two years.

Service Required 12000 miles
/20000 km
  1 Check tension of camshaft toothed belt
  2 Check tension of balancer shaft toothed belt
  3 Check tightness of exhaust flanges; check exhaust system for leaks
  4 Check cooling and heating system for leaks
  5 Check level of coolant (anti-freeze)
  6 Renew spark plugs
  7 Renew air filter element and check tightness of hose connections
  8 Check intake air and crankshaft venting hoses for tightness and leaks
  9 Renew fuel filter
  10 Check fuel and injection lines for tightness and leaks
  11 Set idling (CO content and speed)
  12 Change engine oil
  13 Change engine oil filter
  14 Check engine for leaks
  15 Check clutch play (play between forcing lever and master cylinder)
  16 Lubricate pop-up headlight linkage (also af ter every engine wash)
  17 Check brake fluid level in reservoir. Check thickness of brake pads, play of forcing lever between brake pedal and brake servo unit. Check free travel of hand and foot brakes. Check all lines, hoses and hose connections for damage and corrosion, and check entire brake system for leaks. Test foot and hand brakes (trial run or test-bed)
  18 Check play in front wheel bearings  
  19 Steering - Check tightness of all connections to steering gear, track rods and suspension control arms; check function and tightness of protective caps and joints (remove cover plate). Check fluid level in steering servo unit, and check unit for leaks.
  20 Manual transmission: check oil level
  21 Manual transmission: change oil (clean drain plugs or magnetic plugs) every 80000 km
  22 Automatic transmission: check ATF level (if there is a loss, remedy leak)
  23 Automatic transmission: change ATF and clean ATF filter (remove oil pan) every 40000 km
  24 Automatic transmission: check oil level in rear axle drive
  25 Treat seals on doors, hoods and hard-top; remove abraded rubber, check door arresters
  26 Check tire pressure
  27 Check function of heater, ventilator and/or air conditioning (driver's and passenger's side)
  28 Check battery electrolyte level. Check headlight setting and function of entire lighting system as well as windshield wipers and horns. Check setting of washer jets; top up washer fluid (add anti-freeze if necessary)


Date Sign

Refer to service below 12000 miles / 20000 km are not exhausted.
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