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2 dogs (Günther and Maxi) in a cage of 1.3 m2; but in the Philippines.

Notice the incorrect hind leg position on the Günther.
Do not know if it is due to mature congenital or life in a cage.
No one can touch the dogs except the family.

From 04:30 AM started it with some small beeps, which until 05:00 becomes more and more intensive, after which the dogs are let out in our common yard for approx. 15 min.
This is repeated throughout the day with approx. 2.5 hour intervals.
When they are out, they snap after people, so of course they can not be out when there are other people here.No guests can stay in the yard because the dogs will bark all the time.
When the owners go out they envy barking because they want out.
They have to let the dogs eat separately because otherwise the German Shepherd will eat the dachshund's food.

You can find the owner here: